Tuesday, 31 January 2012

There is something amazing about BIG groups of people all getting together for the same cause, all saying the same thing.
Yesterday in church we were so privileged to have Israel Houghton as a guest. He's a world famous worship leader who really knows how to get his groove on whilst pointing to how good God is. The Dominion was packed at the 3 o'clock service! Standing amongst all these people lifting their hands and singing "Jesus, be the centre of my life" for all they're worth was a pretty cool experience. Imagine all those people really meaning those words and allowing Jesus to be the centre and boss of their everyday lives. It's an army of world changers!

I love the great teaching and worship at Hillsong but what's impressed me the most are the people and their way of welcoming others into their fellowship. Each Sunday I leave with some new contacts on my phone. Yesterday I went to church with Kristina, my really cool Norwegian friend who I first met last Sunday. She introduced me to two of her friends Lucie and Dori who immediately made me feel welcome and a part of their group. Relationships are such an important part of church! Its all about people in everything we do. Being new once in a while can be good. It reminds you of what its like being a visitor and how much you appreciate people seeing you and stopping to talk.

Today's been a good take-it-easy day. I've been working, reading, writing, drinking coffee, thinking (not too much mind you) and enjoying the company of the people around me.

Todays tips:
Book: The screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis, Lioness Awakening by Lisa Bevere
Music: Bon Iver, Mumm-Ra's "She's got you high"
Film: 500 days of Summer, Shadowlands 

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