Wednesday, 25 January 2012

a typical Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, I think... this week is going fast and its not always easy to keep up with the days.
Its been a good day, a pretty ordinary, calm but good day. I made a yummy sallad with sweet potato and goat's cheese, betrayed my Starbuck's latte for a cappuccino at CafĂ© Nero and sprinted to kids' club to retrieve the beloved baby born doll that had been forgotten and couldn't possibly be left alone for the night.

I'm learning a lot of new, useful things at this job. Like how to potty train a two year old,  make baby food and negotiate with a five year old who loves his computer games. Its a great experience but takes a lot of patience and a washing machine that never breaks down. I truly admire Mums! When my hours are up I can take a break and leave the house but Mums have to be around pretty much the whole time and deal with the one o'clock morning wakeups. Working with kids and living with a family is often rewarding and has many funny moments to laugh about. Like this afternoon when the two year old sat on the potty for ten minutes talking excitedly about a very cute looking 11 year old boy who is her major crush right now. I had no idea it started so early in life!

As happens when living together with people, we have had some misunderstandings between us but have talked through them and worked it all out. Communicating isn't always easy but I've realised how important it is to say what you mean and mean what you say, but also to listen. Every person is unique and sees things from a slightly different point of view than I do. Its so easy to think we know what someone is saying and be so preoccuppied with voicing our own thoughts that we don't really hear what they meaning to say. In the end we are all human with our faults and feelings, hopes and fears and we need each other.

Sunday at Hillsong was great! Brian Houston, the senoir pastor from Hillsong Sydney, was visiting and gave a great message about dreaming big and not settling for a life that is lacking. I was in the connections team for the first time, welcoming people who most of them have been in the church a lot longer than I have. It was a great way for me to meet people and why wait to be a part of all thats going on?
After church I was introduced to a Norwegian girl studying in London and she brought me along with her group of friends to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I love how easy it can be to get to know lovely people and feel welcome!

On friday Hillsong's young adults are having a party at London's best voted club, Cable. That is going to be a lot of fun I'm sure! Things are happening and I'm enjoying my life here. Change can be pretty scary but how else are we going to keep learning, growing and moving forward?

Before I go to bed I'de like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad who is turning 50 today and officially reaching the age when he can enjoy life and use his age to get out boring obligations. He's a great man who has taught me so much and been a great role model. Lots of LOVE to him today!

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  1. Ok, I did not mean that you blog was testing but it certainly has been testing trying to comment on it. Lost count of how many times I tried, but her goes again...
    Thanks, Hannah, for kind words and for being such a good communicator! I can tell you have used me as your role model, especially when it comes to partying and drinking coffee ;-) But seriously, you are an inspiration yourself, for example when it comes to daring to step out and making new friends. I admire you and am proud of you. I would love too know more of these boring obligations I now get out of doing. Do they include washing up, cleaning and fixing punctures? Much love from your hopeful dad!