Sunday, 29 January 2012

this week's highlights

Tonight I'm babysitting which basically means waiting up and listening out for any noises from the kids. Hopefully it'll be a quiet night and all will sleep well.

Alot has happened this week and I thought I'd let you in on some of the highlights;

Wednesday was my first connect group night. I ended up taking the wrong bus and walking all the way through Putney which took about 45 minutes but it was well worth it when I got there. There were eight of us meeting at an Italian guy's place and he cooked us all a delicious pasta with mushrooms that could have been straight out of an Italian restaurant. We introduced ourselves coming to the conclusion that all eight of us have moved to London from different countries and that all five of us girls are working as au-pairs or nannies. So we have alot of kids' stuff to talk about! All of us are living away from our families so being able to share openly and support each other is something I'm sure we will all really appreciate. It was a good night and I feel blessed to have such great company and food to look forward to each Wednesday.

Thursday I had most of the day off and was able to open an account at the bank and meet up with some lovely friends. Kristina, my new friend from Norway, took me out to a Scandinavian cafĂ© for "fika" and then to Foyle's, probably the largest book shop I've seen. It has 5 floors with books on just about everything. Both of us love reading and writing and so were quite consumed with looking through the shelves, judging each book by its cover (how else is one supposed to judge a book?). So much knowledge under one roof!

Friday night was a fun but rather odd night out. After work I hurried off to the other side of the city for Hillsong's young adults party at a club called "Cable". A group of us were meeting up at London Bridge station but ended up spending about an hour trying to find each other. So many exits and so many people! Finally we got there and had a good time of dancing and meeting new people at one of London's most popular clubs. Who says Christians don't know how to party?!
By the time the party was over the tube station had closed. Why oh why?! A group of us decided to see London Bridge by night and then being hungry (after all that dancing) set off to find Burger King and a way to get home. London suddenly seems so big when you have no idea how to get from one side to the other and walking isn't really an option. Thankfully there were several of us all heading in the same direction so we eventually worked out which night buses to take and got out from the freezing cold. On the bus some really drunk guys were having a blast falling over each other and trying to get the whole bus to sing along with them. Nobody did but it was an experience I won't forget in a long time.

Today I woke up feeling pretty tired but I wasn't going to stay in on my day off. No! I was going exploring with Laura and Jessie from my connect. We started off with a much needed coffee each before venturing out into the unknown world of Brick Lane's vintage markets and food stalls.    
So many things from different times and places! 

This week has been full of great experinces and people but I think the highlight that warmed the most was when the two year old I'm living with sweetly told me she loved me. That makes it all worth it! 


  1. Sounds fun. your like a modern day marry poppins!

  2. I just love reading your blog! It's so entertaining :D sounds like you're having a great time! Oh yeah, the pictures are really cool too!