Thursday, 15 March 2012

Someone once said that the wiser he became the more he realised how little he knew. I love that!
On Saturday a great, new friend of mine and I sat in a cafĂ© with our journals and Bibles reading, writing and sharing thoughts. It was great having time to slow down and hear from God. I often try to do so much but all in my own strength and just end up getting exhausted without much result. After spending some time with God though I usually realise how small I am, how little I know and how meaningless it is for me to try and do life by myself. God is so big and way too great for me to even begin to understand and the fact that he loves me and that I can somehow connect with Him in my everyday life is amazing! Seeing that makes it seem so stupid for me to even try living without him. I mean, who do I think I am?!

Last night the young adults from Hillsong met for a team meeting and I came along for the first time. It was great to feel a part of things and hear leaders sharing their thoughts and challenging us to really put Jesus first in our everyday lives. It can be hard to prioritize time for Him when everything else around us fights for our attention but it really is so important if we want to grow in our relationship with Him. We become like the people we spend most time with and we decide who those people are.

There is freedom in feeling small when you are part of something so much bigger than yourself.
There is freedom in letting go of the control when you know someone so much more capable is taking over. There is no longer any need to worry, just sit back and enjoy the journey.  

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Spring has come to London! I'm loving the sunshine and how it makes everything more beautiful, everyone happier and every moment more enjoyable.
Today two french friends and I went to Richmond and had a full English breakfast with bacon, eggs, baked beans, toast, sausages and half a tomato. Not what I usually start the day with but being in England it seems only right to have eaten it at least once. I was in Richmond for the first time and was surprised at how beautiful it is. Walking by the Thames in the sunshine with good company, pretty houses, blossoming, pink trees everywhere, and time to spend was lovely. I'm so looking forward to more days of sun and warmth!

Later in the afternoon we went to Green Park for a while, joined by my favourite Bulgarian person and then to Starbucks for a drink (although mostly to use their loo). I wanted to spice up my hazelnut latte with a sprinkling of vanilla sugar but the whole lid came off the vanilla and splashed into my cup giving me a very sweet latte and a lid to fish out. It ended up tasting alot more like vanilla than hazelnut but it gave us something to laugh about.

We talked quite a bit about food and the great things there are to eat and enjoy, especially living in london, a city bursting with different flavours. Having lived 21 years I've come to the conclusion that strict, complicated diets are not for me. If I were to create a diet it would be full of fruit, vegetables and lovely healthy things but with the chance to enjoy the cakes and treats you love just not too often and without stressing out about it.
I get to experiment with making some great sallads for lunch each day and I love when the veggies, fruits and cheeses end up getting along so well with each other and tasting great. Goat's cheese with pear and sweet potato has got to be my favorite so far (I haven't tried banana in a lunch sallad yet but I don't think its going to work, unfortunately).

Last weekend was spent with my beautiful little sister, showing her some of my favorite parts of London and introducing her to some of the people I spend most time with. I loved having her around and catching up. We saw Big Ben, Trafalgar square, Camden market and Brick Lane, had some great food, met some lovely people and talked a lot.  

I've had a great week and can't help thinking how rich my life is. Its all about loving God, loving life and loving people... oh and loving lattes too of course