Saturday, 14 January 2012

Today is Saturday and I have thoroughly enjoyed having a day off in London!
Last night I went out with my new friend Lo, who I met in Cirencester, and she took me to a great bar in Putney. Arriving there she was greeted by all the guys in the bar and I figured she had been there quite a few times before. A while later her Mexican friend joined us and the three of us had a blast, trying to hear each other over the loud music and watching how all the drinks were made. When the bartender started pounding tuna and mixing that in with a drink we were very surprised and tried to work out what that would taste like. We asked him about that and he looked quite puzzled. Then he brought out a bowl of brown sugar and we felt pretty silly but in our defence brown sugar really does look quite alot like tuna in the right lighting. We had a good laugh about it!

Today I decided to explore North End Road to do some serious shopping. Yesterday I had some time off to look around King's Road where all the celebrities do their shopping. It was on a totally different price range to the shops I like to spend money in so I ended up just buying food (as usual) and looking in the windows. North End Road was quite different! Charity shops, lots of people from all over the world bustling about, Morroccan restaurants, the smell of fresh fish, cars beeping their horns, lots of shops selling cheap rubbish and a fruit and veg market. It was like heaven!

I was in and out of the charity shops, buying bits and bobs that I wanted for my room (I found a lovely rubbish bin) all for great prices!
Then I saw the fruit market and got really excited. A big bowl of bananas for 1 pound! and strawberries, mangos, nectarines and pomegranites! Ok, maybe not all of you can understand my excitement but I was HAPPY. Bought a lot and had to carry it all back but it was so worth it.

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