Friday, 13 January 2012

thoughts from Starbucks

Today has been a bit different, a nice break from the normal routine. I spent my morning break at Starbucks with my latte and my diary. This has become my new favorite thing to do. I used to think it a bit strange going out for a coffee by myself but it is surprisingly nice. After lunch I did a big heap of ironing (I am so going to become London's best ironer!) then had the evening off to go out to dinner with a great girl. Remember the girl I met at the airport who spilled coke over her? Well this was the friend she was visiting in London. Anyway, back to Starbucks. I wrote down some thoughts that I'de like to share with you all:

God, you want us to leave the judging of people up to you, but what when we are faced with great INJUSTICE? What should we as your people, your church, do?
We are ment to LOVE like you LOVE.
You gave your LIFE for us, to buy us out of slavery. You paid the price for us to have FREEDOM, hope, life, peace and you ask us to do the same. That isn't about judging but loving, in ACTION.
How can we offer people freedom and life AFTER death but not do anything to bring about FREEDOM in THIS life? Why should people believe us if we don't SHOW them here and now?
YOU spent your time with those looked down on by others. You ate with them, spoke to them, partied with them and shared your life with them.
You also tell us to bless those that curse us but when do we bless and when do we scream "ENOUGH!"? Cunning as snakes, gentle as lambs...
You can get extra skim milk with your latte here, shoot I missed that!
We need to MIRROR you.
You're the head, we are your hands, feet, arms, smiles, in the world... but not of it.
I'm not that smart just trying to get my head around all this...
Its all about REACHING out to the least of these.
Doing what we CAN do.
Expecting YOU to do the IMPOSSIBLE.
Living with you on the INSIDE.
Its ALL about PEOPLE.
What about the people involve in the actual selling of others? You freedom is for them too...

Maybe these aren't the usual thoughts buzzing around Starbucks a Thursday morning but I think I kind of got somewhere, at least in my own mind. Maybe I just got more confused....

This evening I took the tube to Covent Garden to meet up with this girl and decided to take the stairs up instead of the lift. It wasn't until I was halfway up the stairs and getting really tired that the speakers announced there are 196 steps to get out of the tube station. I will NOT be taking those stairs again!
She took me to a great Italian restaurant in SOHO where we ate some lovely, big sallads and talked. I'm still full up now, but it was a really nice evening and I look forward to meeting her at Hillsong on Sunday.

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