Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year everyone!
Its been a while but life is busy around the holidays. I spent Christmas day at my Aunt's in England with a lovely Brittish Christmas dinner and lots of crackers and party poppers to pull. It was great hanging out with family, seeing my Grandparents again and not having to do anything for my stay. Early Boxing day morning I took a coach to the airport and flew back to Sweden for a few days of great company, Mum's cooking and chilling out. I have some really great friends and a super sis whom I really enjoyed spending some time with.

At Copenhagen's airport on New Years eve I sat down to have a banana (of course) and watched a young woman opening a bottle of coke that started spraying everywhere. Having decided I want to be more social to the people I meet, I offered her a tissue and we started talking. Turns out she was on the same flight as me so we sat together and had a great conversation. She was on her way to meet a friend living in London who goes to Hillsong Church like I do and she had some really cool stories about what God has done in her life, healing her from serious back problems. It was so encouraging to hear and now I have another contact in Hillsong Church. God is so cool the way he coordinates little things like that with a bottle of coke and a tissue!

New years eve was spent with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Claire watching "Amazing Grace" (a really great film) and taking it easy. My Aunt knocked up another great dinner for New Year's day which we enjoyed with more relatives. Later, back in London, I went to a great worship evening at Hillsong. Don't know many people there yet but enjoyed focusing on God a bit and listening to encouraging words. Good times! 

This week I've been back at work and am beginning to get into the routines. Its been nice becoming better friends with the children and feeling more at home in London. For the weekend we have all gone to Cirencester to stay with the Grandparents whilst the parents are away. Its a pretty town out in the country with some pretty good shops. I will most probably seek out Starbucks tomorrow and enjoy a latte and some people watching. Cya!

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