Monday, 12 December 2011

Loving God, loving life and loving pople wherever you are

Church is definitely the best place to spend a Sunday!
I was in church twice today which was really awesome even though both churches were pretty different from each other. First I went with my au-pair family to St. Dionis, a church of about 60 people meeting in an old church building singing the same songs we sang in church when I was a kid. What I loved was that the worship was simple and just plain worship which ment I could focus on actually singing the words to God. The people were nice and the sermon was really good. It was about all the distractions we face in life today and how Satan uses them to steal our time away from the most important things in life like God, enjoying life and spending time with the people around us.

In the afternoon I went to meet up with my friend, Jadasa, who lived in Sweden five years ago but now lives in London. We went to Hillsong's Christmas show at the Dominion theatre. The place was packed! Outside the theatre was a huge queue all the way around the corner and when we got inside just about every single seat was taken! The Christmas show was brilliant! Great music, acting, singing and a really good message about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. The people were so welcoming and the whole atmosphere reminded me of my home church United. I'm looking forward to getting connected with people there and all thats happening. Afterwards we met up with Jadasa's sister, Gloria for a nice "fika" at Starbucks.

On the bus journey back it was raining, like you would expect it to in England, but London is a beautifal city just the same and I'm liking it more and more.

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