Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My blog entries are pretty scarce I know, but I'm planning on getting better at blogging in my spare time.
I now live in London which is a funny thought as I just last week was living in Malmö. Life keeps moving on and changing with each new season different from the last.

Today is my second day as an au-pair and I'm learning more about how things work around the house and getting to know the family. They are all very helpful and friendly people and I love having my own room at the top of the house with a nice view of London's roof tops.

Its funny being back in England again, not having lived here for about nine years. The culture, food and way of life is pretty different from Sweden but I will soon get used to it. Some of the English expressions surprise me. Like at the airport on monday one lady was telling her friend she needed to "get Christmas knocked on the head this week". Saying that to a Swede would get you a very confused look.  

Having a break this afternoon I watched a few episodes of this year's Christmas calender to get in the Christmas mood. Its about a band of pick pocketers who steal rich people's Christmas presents. I'm not quite sure what the message is yet but it's cute and entertaining.
I have also started reading a book called "selling Olga" which is about human trafficking in Europe today. It really is a big problem and something I want to learn more about. The A21 Campaign is doing a great job in fighting it and I'm excited to hear that the family I'm living with also are involved in making a difference.

Well my break is just about over for now but I'll be back!

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  1. Great stuff, good to hear your enjoying your new job.