Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Colour your world

I was blessed with time off work this thursday and friday to go to Hillsong's annual Colour conference, just for ladies. Wemberly arena, powerful speakers, the presence of God and about 6000 women all standing together. It was awesome, loud and lots of fun! What I loved about the conference is that I didn't leave feeling sad that it was over but equipped and inspired to get back into everyday life again, together with God and the people around me. Here are some of the messages that really spoke to me:

Flourish, baby, flourish! We can so easily get overwhelmed by all the suffering in the world and all that needs to be done that we get bogged down and discouraged or worn out trying to make everything right in our own strength. Bobbie Houston encouraged us to go home, learn to take responsibility for our own lives and flourish where we are planted right now, letting God take care of the rest. When we flourish we help others flourish too. Love that!

A revolution of peace. This world is a mess but Jesus is our peace. We are here to bring his peace with us to a world that desperately needs it, because no matter what is going on around us, we are safe in Him.

God wants to go home with us. Its not just about spending time with God at a Conference or at church on a Sunday but God actually wants to be a part of our everyday lives, move into our neighbourhood and invade all that we are. Priscilla Shirer was saying that its when we invite Jesus to become really close to us that he reveals things to us and life gets exciting.

Sisterhood - she is one, she is many. There were so many of us women, gathering together with the same desire to be the change in this world. I find myself wanting to be the one to make a difference by myself but if we all instead go in the same direction, supporting something great together we can accomplish so much more than all of us by ourselves. I was challenged to grow up, quit being selfish and start being a great support to what is already happening.

There is only one love language - DIE. Christine Caine said it straight out like she always does. The kingdom of God is not all about me and how I best can shine and use my talents. Its about God. We don't need to promote ourselves, God knows exactly where we are and what we are good at. Sometimes we just need to a gap fillers and do whatever is needed for the big picture.

It was amazing to see all thats going on in the world and hear stories about everything God is doing! Even more amazing is that God is the same everywhere and that he actually lives in us and has the same power to work things out for the best in our everyday lives! Don't forget to include him because he is a gentleman (like all the guys serving at colour, walking with umbrellas, opening doors, welcoming us girls...) and doesn't just barge in on us.

Have an awesome day!

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