Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Good afternoon!
I'm sitting in my room, listening to Jack Johnson, thinking about how much I like avocadoes (as one does) and writing my blog.

Yesterday Waitrose came by with the shopping delivery. The two year old had just done a big poo on her potty (as one does) which she proudly showed the Waitrose man exclaiming "I done a poo!". He was a bit taken aback but probably felt more motivated to keep going at his job. Waitrose in, waitrose out, thats what its all about.

Its great how children don't seem to be embarrased by the things we adults are. Why should we anyway? None of us are perfect, even if we pretend to be, and we all do poos. Don't hide it, just flush it!

Thats about how deep I am right now. Life is good. Enjoy it and share it! The good and the bad, we all need each other and God to keep us on track.

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