Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hi everyone! Its been a while since I blogged but I want to keep it up and after a bit of encouragement from a good friend I'm finally getting round to writing again.

I am often surprised at how many cool people there are in the world. Some people seem pretty ordinary at first but then the more you get to know them the cooler they become and the more you just want to spend time with them. London has a lot of awesome people that I feel blessed to have met. I love how we all are different and bring out different sides of each other but at the same time we all are surprisingly similar with the same basic needs. People can cause us so much trouble but just about everything we do is for and because of  people. Amazingly I think God is all about us people and that just about everything he does is for and because of us. Don't ask me why!

This week I've been to two goodbye parties for friends leaving London. I've only known these girls four months but we've had great times together and I'm going to miss these awesome people! Its sad to say goodbye but exciting to see how the seasons change and we all keep moving forward with the best ahead. Without change we would never grow. 

There's something about giving 100% in every season and just going all in that I think God loves. Its so easy to hold back, waiting for some time in the future to be all we can be, but we really only have the moment now. I love the idea of living life to the max everyday, taking risks and stepping out because thats usually when God steps in and surprises us with something great. When we do life together with Him we are living for something so much bigger than what we can see. I don't always remember that but when I do it changes everything.

This week I'm especially looking forward to Hillsong's Colour Conference which is starting on Thursday with great teaching just for us girls. There are some power women preaching and I want to learn as much as I can!

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