Wednesday, 9 May 2012

back from Malmö

This weekend I've been back to Malmö, my home town, to visit. Technically its a city but, coming from London, it suddenly seems like a small town. Either way, its where the people who know me best live and it was great to be back.
Not much has changed there these past 5 months but I saw Malmö with different eyes this time. I was surprised by the empty underground station, the wide cycle paths, the great amount of trees and the calmness of Friday night in the centre. My parents came to meet me from the train with my lovely bike that I've really missed travelling around on. It was so nice to spend time with them and my sister, telling them everything I could think of telling them about these past 5 months, my everyday life, the awesome people I know and all the things I love about London.
Over the weekend I cycled everywhere admiring the decorative buildings, the diversity of cultures and people and my favourite market. Has Malmö always been this beautiful? I met some of my closest friends over chilled out coffees, ice-cream in the sunshine, waffles and a picnic by the docks. Of all the things to be admired about Malmö, its the people that make it the most special. Each one is different and makes my life richer and more blessed in a different way. I loved not having any obligations but just time to enjoy company and catching up.

Sunday afternoon was spent at my church, United, with great worship, teaching and friendly faces (most familiar but plenty of new ones too). I love the party atmosphere there that is all about celebrating and enjoying life together in all its seasons but also reaching out to the world around.

On Monday morning after my family had left for work and school, I packed my bag and cycled into town for the last time for now. I met a lovely friend from church at one of my favourite cafés and tried to convince her to move to London with me. After that I met Baloo, my leader, mentor, role model and close friend. She's been there for me the past few years encouraging me, challenging me and helping me make sense of my life.

I spent the last hours having a picnic with Mum, Dad and my little sis out on the grass before taking the train to Denmark and then flying to London. Sitting on the tube for the last bit of the journey I felt happy to be back in the big city. This is where I want to be right now and I'm excited to see what God has in store for me here. Each season is different but he is always the same and his love for us will never change.

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