Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Smile everyone, its monday!
Its been a different, spontanious and pretty cool weekend, doing things I don't usually do and hanging out with some people I don't usually hang out with. Variety keeps life fresh!

On Friday night thousands of people from different churches in London came together for an amazing Pentecost service in Earls court. The three hosting churches have different styles and ways of doing things but we could all come together and be united because we are all serving the same God. Church isn't a competition, we are all on the same team with the same goal. Seeing how many we are when we come together was really exciting!

Saturday started off with a great cup of coffee with a great girl from my connect group at a great café (Grind) in Putney. I ended up going with her for lunch at a friend's place. This turned out to be a top class, eight course dinner made by a super cook who did an amazing job of hosting! Eating delicious food and hanging out with cool people - whats not to love?
Next stop was Louis Vuitton on New Bond Street for a pair of men's shoes. I was on an errand for a friend and felt so out of place in the shop but it was a pretty amusing experince being treated like a super rich woman who shops men shoes at Loius Vuitton. Clenching the bag tightly I went for a drink with my inspiring and wise norwegian friend before heading to a pub for the football final. I wasn't able to see the screen but watching the people who were watching the game was just as fun. So much focus, excitement and frustration in their faces! Thankfully Chelsea won so most of them were in a good mood for dancing all night. Good times!

Despite not getting much sleep, I really enjoyed Sunday at Church! Its surprising how many awesome people there are in the world and how each one you meet brings something unique. One of the things that was said from the stage was about not worrying but trusting God to provide. I love that! Don't worry, be happy. I'm pretty sure it's a choice we make and something that really honours God.

Anyway, I need to sleep right now. Live loving - love living

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