Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hey! I just started a blog, again. This time I'm hoping not to get my page closed down for some reason like last time. No idea why that happened. Feels kind of funny to be writing about my life for anyone to read but I'm sure I'll get used to it, even if noone reads it.

Today I'm in St Petersburg, Russia, been here a week now and getting into the routines. There are a few things to remember about St Petersburg; don't drink the water, don't smile at people on the subway and don't be too helpful - it could be a trap. Its a cool city that would take three hours to drive through with a mix of new, modern buildings, beautiful old churches and houses that are falling apart. Plus a lot of people, traffic and a few, small parks.

What in the world am I doing here? Well, my church United, which I have to say is the best church in the world, is going global and starting churches in other cities in the world. One of them is St Petersburg and I got the chance to stay a month with the family that is starting a church here. The four kids are great but get alot of homework which is what I help out with in the afternoons. In the morning I have time to be with God, read books, keep an eye on what's happening on facebook and write on my blog.

I think its great how things can change around us, the scenery, the people, the language but still God is exactly the same. He's a friend that knows me inside out and never leaves my side. I can't outgrow him because he is everywhere I go. Pretty cool!

Well, the sun is shining again today so I'm gonna go out and enjoy it. Cya! 

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  1. Im proud of you!!!
    Luv you and miss u