Sunday, 29 May 2011


Yesterday we all went to a barbeque party at a villa a bit outside the city. On the way we stopped at a shopping mall (I have totally forgotten how to say mall in British English) and had pancakes. The Russians make a really tasty pancake with mushrooms in!

Anyway, the sun came out, the food was great (except for the tomato juice which I can’t make myself like) and a lot of nice people from United St Petersburg were at the barbeque. Its funny, a few times I've gone up to people, shook hands and asked if they speak English. They often shake their heads and ask if I speak Russian which I don't. Then we stand looking at each other for a while, smiling a bit awkwardly. But I've found most people know a bit more English then they say and there are ways to have a conversation even if half the time one person has totally misunderstood what the other one is talking about. Somehow it’s not so much what you talk about but more the fact that you stick around trying to communicate and get to know someone.

Afterwards a group of us took the metro back. One guy was sitting next to a girl, reading a book from over her shoulder and I was trying to work out if he knew her or not. We decided he didn’t when Emelie explained that’s not the way Russians behave towards people they know. Walking back to the apartment at 10.30 pm the city was still light and alive with people. St Petersburg is a beautiful city.

Today is Sunday and United day. It’s also mother's day in Sweden and there is no-one quite like my mum. I can't meet her today but we have a skype date I don’t want to miss so cya! 

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