Thursday, 19 May 2011

fuel for life

Its always cool to meet great people and see their everyday lives. I think its in everyday life when the spotlights are off that you notice who truly is a great person. Thats where great people are built.

I'm not into cars and don't get much about how they work but I have understood that they need some kind of fuel to run. What the tank is filled with affects what comes out into the air. I think its the same with us. We all have tanks that need to be filled with something for us to run. We decide what we fill our tanks with and that affects what comes out of our lives. Thats why its so important to spend time with God and let him be our fuel. His love is so pure and never runs dry. What goes in is what comes out.

I find it easy to get caught up with all sorts of other things that seem so important and urgent in life that I don't leave enough time to spend with God. Other things fill my tank and become my fuel but that quickly dries up. But I'm thinking, if we want to live lives full of God and be people who are like him then we cannot afford to let anything else take his place as the our first source of fuel.

A car doesn't need to be tanked for hours, it just takes a few minutes before the tank is filled again. In the same way its not about spending hours each day doing nothing but praying. Get out and live! I think its about putting God first and making it important to spend some quality time with him. Everything else somehow tends to fall into place.

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