Tuesday, 11 September 2012

God is good, no honestly, He is sooo good!
So much has been happening and changing recently that I've almost forgotten the things He has worked out for me. I have a new place to live with the most awesome room mate in a totally new part of London that I've yet to explore. I'm part of an amazingly, exciting church, surrounded by great, inspiring people. Recently I got a new job in a book shop cafĂ© where I get to be around coffee, books and chilled out people. Loving it!
The only thing is that it takes me an hour on the tube to get to work but the tube is an experience in itself and a great place for people watching. We all just stand around looking at each other in silence most of the time. The other day, however, a chinese woman broke the mold and actually started a conversation with me. She said she is a doctor, that she thinks I have nice teeth and just before I got off she wrote down her phone nr and handed it to me. I don't know why she did it but it made my day!

God is good! I find He is always trying to teach us new things about life. Lately its been all about persistency, character and doing the right thing even when it seems to be insignificant, boring and pointless. Its about doing the right thing when noone is watching, when those watching don't approve and when it doesn't seem to be leading anywhere.
Thats about all the wisdom I can get out from my brain right now, time for bed, but wanted to share a bit of whats new in my life.  

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