Friday, 28 October 2011

Hey everyone!
So I know its 4 o'clock in the morning but whats a girl to do when she wakes up with a sore throat and doesn't have the patience to wait until she falls asleep again? It was either get back to writing my blog or make an omelett I learnt on yesterday. Since I don't have any eggs, I made myself some lemon and honey tea and chose the first one. It was ages since I last blogged and I've forgotten my password but it seems to work anyway. Does that mean anyone can write on my blog without a password? Scary thought...

I'm sharing our small kitchen with Stacia, the crazy cat Jasmin is taking care of until she finds a new home for her. So maybe she's not crazy but being locked up in a small kitchen for two months does have its effect on people and cats and she wasn't quite normal to begin with. Anyway, anybody want Stacia? She is kind of cute I guess and the only reason she's kept in the kitchen is so she doesn't hang out with Jasmin's three other cats Therese, Stina and Lutzie.

Lutzie likes Jasmin the most, Stina likes me and Therese doesn't really like anyone, she just looks cute. Before you start thinking I'm a crazy cat lady, I'm not, they all belong to Jasmin. Jasmin is my old classmate, friend and current roomy. She's alot of fun! Last night she taught me a children's song called "don't put meatballs up your nose, Marcus". Maybe thats why I kept waking up...

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